About me

I've been trained in Poland ,  with a focus on classical dressage,  developing horses for the purpose of overall balance and capability,   both in the dressage ring,  and on the trail.   I  have been a very well disciplined rider and trainer.   I have worked with top level riders ,  mostly in the Northern area of Poland.

I have a lot of expierance in preparing horses and riders for the dressage competition, and also in starting in a dressage shows. 

  • dressage training and boarding packages
  • individual One by One lessons
  • Ranch calls- lessons on your facility
  • boarding (at Lionheart Pure Spanish Horses)


No matter where you are in your horses Journey,  I can help you and your horse progress along the way!

My name is  Marlena Obrzut (pronounced Ob Jute).  

I am a classical dressage trainer  from Poland.

 I have developed  extensive experience in horse training.  My background includes starting  horses from the very beginning levels  to the highest dressage levels. 

  • problems solving and trouble shooting
  • Horse Shows- available for competition
  • Video and Sales preparation
  • clinics and group session

Watch my riding!

Marlena Obrzut Dressage Training