As your trainer, for your horse, and for you, my commitment is to the overall well being of your horse. I take pride in building a relationship with your horse based upon trust and respect. Each horse is different. And, because each horse is different, they deserve a personalized training program. My promise to you is to make sure your horse is treated with the full attention they deserve to optimize their complete well being.

​ Training should be a positive experience for your horse, and for you. I believe there is no place for negative reinforcement in a professional training program . ​

A good trainer will find a connection to your horses emotional state and frame or state of mind. Once you have that connection, your ability to encourage the horse to the more refined movements, self carriage, balance and impulsion.​

I look forward to moving forward with you and your horse!

About me


My name is Marlena Obrzut (pronounced Ob Jute). I am a classical dressage trainer from Poland. I have developed extensive experience in horse training. My background includes starting horses from the very beginning levels to the highest dressage levels. I've been trained with a focus on classical dressage, developing horses for the purpose of overall balance and capability, both in the dressage ring, and on the trail. I have been a very well disciplined rider and trainer. I have worked with top level riders, mostly in the Northern area of Poland. I have a lot of expierance in preparing horses and riders for the dressage competition, and also in starting in a dressage shows.